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ISO industrial clean room wind speed detection method

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The iso industrial clean room detection wind speed is generally relatively high in the iso industrial clean room detection project, but some customers think that the iso industrial clean room air volume, the iso industrial clean room wind speed can not be done, this concept is actually wrong. The use of hot-wire anemometers is the most commonly used method in iso industrial clean room testing.

Hot wire anemometer measures iso industrial clean room wind speed steps

1. Before measurement, check whether the appearance and working state of the anemometer are normal; calibrate the zero position of the anemometer, and the probe should be in a windless state when calibrating the zero position.

2. Determine the applicable specifications (with written confirmation issued by the entrusting party); calculate the number of measuring points according to the specifications and the area of the iso industrial clean room, and locate the positions of the measuring points; step 3 confirms whether the zero position of the anemometer is accurate;

3. Place the anemometer at the measuring point, pay attention that the height of the anemometer meets the selected specification requirements, and the anemometer detection instrument is facing the direction of the airflow;

4. After 10s of stability, read the wind speed data. If you choose an anemometer with the mean value reading function, you should use the mean value reading function of the anemometer to read the average value of 10s. Measure each measuring point and record the data;

5. Calculate the average wind speed and wind speed unevenness.

Precautions for wind speed detection in iso industrial clean room:

1. When measuring the wind speed, the windward side of the anemometer probe should be vertical to the wind direction;

2. When reading data, wait for the display to stabilize before reading;

3. Pay attention to reading the average value of wind speed data. If the wind speed fluctuates greatly at the measurement point, it may be that the measurement point is in the turbulent area. At this time, the position of the measurement point should be moved or the data should be read multiple times to calculate the average value;

4. Care should be taken to prevent the probe of the anemometer from hitting other objects.

After the iso industrial clean room is completed, before it is put into use, it must first be tested by a nationally authorized testing agency, and the iso industrial clean room test report must be obtained, and then it can be used normally after thorough disinfection.

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