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iso7 clean room protection requirements

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Iso7 clean room (CleamRoom) no matter how the external air conditions change, its interior can maintain the characteristics of cleanliness, temperature, humidity and pressure that were originally set.

The main function of the iso7 clean room is to control the cleanliness and temperature and humidity of the atmosphere that the products (such as silicon chips, etc.) come into contact with, so that the products can be produced and manufactured in a good environmental space, which we call "iso7" Cleanroom".

According to international standards, the iso7 clean room level is mainly specified according to the number of particles in the air whose diameter is greater than the division standard per cubic meter.

The iso7 clean room should be set according to the following requirements:

1. Anti-static floor: point-to-point resistance <10E9Ω; point-to-ground resistance <10E9Ω

2. Anti-static wallboard: point-to-point resistance <10E9Ω; point-to-ground resistance <10E9Ω

3. Anti-static window: point-to-point resistance <10E9Ω; point-to-ground resistance <10E9Ω

4. Reliable grounding system: point-to-point resistance <1Ω

5. Air ionization system: Determine the balance voltage range and power dissipation time according to the process technology. Recommended: balance voltage <±35V

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