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ISO 7 clean room design and construction requirements

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With the increasing demand for iso7 clean rooms in production, the cleanliness requirements for iso7 clean room decoration projects are also getting higher and higher. How to grasp each construction process is an important factor in whether the cleanliness of the design can be achieved. How high iso7 clean room cleanliness level can be achieved has also become a factor to measure how high a construction company can achieve.

1. Definition of iso7 clean room iso7 clean room refers to the discharge of particulates, harmful air, bacteria and other pollutants in the air within a certain space, and the indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, airflow speed and airflow distribution, noise , Vibration, lighting and static control are within a certain demand range, and a specially designed room is given. That is to say, no matter how the external air conditions change, the interior of the room can maintain the characteristics of cleanliness, temperature, humidity and pressure that were originally set.

2. The composition of the iso7 clean room The composition of the iso7 clean room is composed of the following systems, and any one of the components of the system is indispensable, otherwise it will not be able to form a complete and good quality iso7 clean room room:

a. Ceiling system: including boom, main keel, secondary keel, and ceiling.

b. Air conditioning system: including air handling equipment, air conveying equipment, air distribution equipment, cooling and heating control sources, automatic adjustment control devices, etc.

c. Partition walls: including windows and doors.

d. Floor or ground: including epoxy floor, raised floor, etc.

e, lighting equipment.

3. Construction of iso7 clean room The construction of iso7 clean room is mainly to keep strict and clean.

1. Construction of the main structure of the iso7 clean room The main structure of the iso7 clean room is generally a reinforced concrete structure, surrounded by brick walls. This process is the outermost clean barrier of the iso7 clean room. Attention should be paid during construction:

a. Holes in concrete and brick walls should be repaired to reduce wall cracks;

b. Measures should be taken to prevent cracks at the connection between concrete and brick wall;

c. The interior and exterior wall plastering should be constructed in layers to prevent wall cracks and hollowing, especially the interior wall. It is generally believed that there are clean wall panels inside and no plastering is required. In fact, it is a wrong idea. This layer of plastering is very Important, the iso7 clean room decoration project is of great help to the cleaning in the later stage, and it can reduce dust and noise by about 10%.

2. Clean board wall construction Now the general iso7 clean room is equipped with clean board group Huiyi, this project uses Xie Duoli clean board, pay attention to:

a. Before construction, it is necessary to complete the dimensions according to the structure of the site, and draw the construction arrangement diagram of the wall panel. Now many companies are in the construction, and the wall panel arrangement diagram is drawn according to the construction drawing, which is very different from the size of the site. It makes the drawn construction arrangement diagram useless at all. The construction arrangement diagram can reduce the joints of the wall panels in advance, thereby greatly reducing dust and other sundries and improving the cleanliness;

b. The connecting strips between the clean wall panels cannot be leaked. If they are leaked, it will be useless to apply glue at the joints in the future. With the growth of time, the wall panels will be staggered and the glue will be cracked; 3) Clean Do not tear the protective film of the board, and then tear it off after the final floor and ceiling are completed;

c. The seams of the clean board should be tight, and they should be tightly pressed against each other and cannot be moved;

d. During the construction of clean wall panels, the dust in the gaps between the wall panels and the concrete and brick walls must be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, and at the same time, the dust and garbage on the walls, floors and ceilings should be cleaned up;

e. The door of the iso7 clean room must be an airtight door with good sealing performance to ensure the isolation of air and sound inside and outside the door.

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