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Factors Affecting ISO14644-1 Clean Room

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Due to the increasingly high cleanliness requirements of some modern industries and cutting-edge technology industries, the environmental requirements of the semiconductor industry have promoted the development of iso14644-1 clean room technology. ISO14644-1 clean room is used in precision industries, semiconductors, medicine, electronics, etc It is more and more widely used in the industry. As a huge purification system, it also needs to divide complex functional areas and corresponding buffer supporting workshops to form a complex air supply and return air system.

There are many factors that affect the iso14644-1 clean room, the most important of which are the design and space layout of the iso14644-1 clean room, which are directly related to the cleanliness level of the iso14644-1 clean room; the installation quality of the plant protection equipment and the iso14644-1 The cleanliness of the clean room is also related; the unreasonable airflow organization in the iso14644-1 clean room will also cause the airflow to not fully cover the work area. The airflow deflection angle is too large; the installation and quality problems of the high-efficiency filter will cause the air entering the iso14644-1 clean room to contain suspended particles in the air, resulting in unqualified indoor cleanliness; insufficient ventilation will also lead to iso14644- 1. The polluted air in the clean room cannot be quickly discharged from the iso14644-1 clean room; during the operation, the movement of personnel and materials in the iso14644-1 clean room is likely to cause air turbulence in the pollution-sensitive area, which is the main source of cleanliness.

The air shower room is a necessary channel to enter the iso14644-1 clean room. Its quality is related to the cleanliness of the iso14644-1 clean room. The type design ensures the cleanliness of the air shower area in the blowing shower state. It is installed at the partition wall between the iso14644-1 clean room and the non-iso14644-1 clean room. It is used for blowing showers when people or objects enter the clean area. After use It can effectively reduce the dust source entering the clean area and keep the clean area in normal working condition. There are top blowing shower rooms, single single blowing shower room, single double blowing shower room, single triple blowing shower room, double double blowing shower room, double triple blowing shower room, multi-person double blowing shower room, and more. Three-person air shower room, corner air shower room, etc. The design of LED indicators and large-screen dynamic control panel is convenient for the operation of bath time and various functions. The air circulation design ensures the cleanliness of the air shower when the shower is not in the state of blowing.

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