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iso14644-1 cleanroom personnel training

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1. To train and educate the staff, especially the technicians, in the ISO14644-1 clean room of the food factory. The contents that should be mastered are as follows.

1. The characteristics, structure and related technical performance of the iso14644-1 clean room where the iso14644-1 clean room of the food factory is located, and the air cleanliness level requirements of each process/room;

2. General knowledge of clean technology, such as generation, retention and hazards of dust particles and fungi;

3. Personnel purification procedures and material purification routes and requirements;

4. The relationship between dust sources, dust particles or fungi and product quality in food factories iso14644-1 clean room; methods, instruments and evaluation methods for dust particles or fungi control knowledge and air cleanliness level

5. Requirements for the use and cleaning of clean work clothes in food factories;

6. Food factory purification equipment, system usage rules, troubleshooting methods;

7. Methods and regulations for cleaning, cleaning and disinfection of food factory iso14644-1 clean room;

8. Health care requirements and regulations for personnel in food factories iso14644-1 clean room;

9. Food factory iso14644-1 clean room safety facilities and safety management regulations;

10. Other relevant regulations and rules.

2. The training content of iso14644-1 clean room personnel generally includes the following items.

1. Take off personal clothing and keep it according to the prescribed method;

2. Wear clean work clothes in accordance with the prescribed methods;

3. Wash hands and dry according to the prescribed methods, and use special paper towels for iso14644-1 clean rooms;

4. Do the practice of walking without dragging your feet;

5. Clean the equipment and items brought into the ISO14644-1 clean room;

6. Practice the use of fire fighting equipment in the iso14644-1 clean room of the food factory;

7. Conduct emergency evacuation drills from clean rooms.

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