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Clean workshop engineering construction requirements

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What are the requirements of clean workshop engineering construction, the basic requirements of clean workshop engineering construction, and what should be paid attention to in clean workshop engineering construction? Next, lijing xiaobian will explain to you:

Clean workshop engineering construction requirements

I. Basic requirements

1. The construction enterprise undertaking the clean workshop project should have the corresponding engineering construction qualification and grade, and should have a perfect quality management system.

2. The construction of clean workshop should be implemented according to the content of the design document and contract. Any modification of the design shall be confirmed and approved by the original design unit and approved by the construction unit.

3. Before the construction of clean workshop, the construction plan and procedures should be formulated according to the characteristics of the specific project, so as to coordinate the construction of all kinds of work, clear stage and clear handover, so as to ensure the overall construction quality and safe operation.

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4, the construction enterprise to undertake on each professional in the clean room engineering design drawings to deepen the construction detail design, shall implement the existing national standard "clean workshop design specification" GB50073 rules, and design quality management should be strengthened, with quality management system, construction details should be written consent or confirmation of the original design unit, Construction can only be carried out after obtaining the consent of the construction unit.

5. The system debugging of clean workshop project completion acceptance shall be carried out with the joint participation of the construction unit and the supervision unit. The construction enterprise shall be responsible for the system debugging and testing.

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