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Dust-free workshop decoration process

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Dust-free workshop decoration process is mainly divided into the following six parts

A, to determine the scheme and quotation, the signing of the contract is generally the first to see the site, many schemes are needed according to the site situation, and workshop production product design. Different industry requirements are not the same, level is different, the price is not the same. It is necessary to tell the designer the decoration level, area, ceiling and beam of the dust-free workshop. Convenient later design, but also reduce time. After the scheme price is determined, a contract is signed and construction begins.

Dust-free workshop decoration process

Two, the installation of color steel plate partition is equivalent to the general framework. After the entry of materials, all the partitions will be done well, and the time depends on the plant area. Dust-free workshop decoration belongs to industrial plant, generally relatively fast, unlike the decoration industry, the construction period is slow.

Three, the ceiling ceiling partition after the installation of the need to install the ceiling, this can not be ignored. Equipment will be installed on the ceiling, such as FFU filters, purification lights, air conditioning, etc. The distance of hanging screws and plates should be in accordance with the regulations. Reasonable layout, so as not to have unnecessary trouble later.

Four, equipment and air conditioning installation dust-free workshop purification industry main equipment includes: FFU filter, purification lamp, tuyere, air shower room, air conditioning and so on. The equipment is generally a little slow, it takes time to make spray paint. Therefore, after signing the contract, we should pay attention to the equipment entry time. At this stage, the workshop installation is basically complete, the next step is the ground engineering.

Five, ground engineering what ground is suitable for what floor paint. Floor paint construction season should pay attention to what, how the temperature and humidity, how long can enter after the completion of construction. The owner is advised to check first.

Six, acceptance check whether partition wall materials are intact. Whether the workshop is up to grade. Whether the equipment in each area can run normally. That's about it. Dust-free workshop makes use of the functions of many equipment to create a clean and tidy occasion, which is indispensable for China's modern food industry, industry and electronic processing industry. Personnel working in a dust-free workshop must comply with certain required standards, which are required to maintain the cleanliness of the workshop.

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