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How to plan the purification workshop project

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The construction planning of the purification workshop is closely related to the purification air conditioning system. The purification air conditioning system should not only comply with the overall planning of the construction, but also fit the criteria of the purification air conditioning system, so as to give full play to the effect of the relevant functions. The planners of purification air conditioning not only know the construction planning to think about the placement of the system, but also put forward the demand for the construction planning, so that it fits the principle of purification workshop.

How to plan the purification workshop project

One, the plane planning of the purification workshop

Purification workshop usually contains purification area, quasi-purification area and auxiliary area three.

The plane placement of the purification workshop can be divided into the following methods:

Outer corridor surround type: the outer corridor can have Windows and no Windows, and also for viewing and placing some equipment, some in the outer corridor set on duty heating. It is necessary for the outer window to be double-sealed.

Inner corridor: the purification workshop is located in the periphery, and the corridor is located in the interior. The purification level of this corridor is usually higher, and even at the same level as the purification workshop.

Two - end type: purification area is set on one side, the other side of the quasi purification and auxiliary room.

Central type: in order to save land and shorten pipelines, the purification area can be centered, surrounded by various auxiliary rooms and shaded pipeline space up and down. This method avoids the impact of outdoor climate on the purification area, reduces cold and heat energy consumption, and is conducive to energy saving.

Two, personal purification road

In order to minimize the pollution caused by human activities in the operation, it is necessary for personnel to replace purification clothes and blow, bathe and disinfect before entering the purification area. These methods are called "personal purification" or "human purification".

Air supply should be provided to the room replacing purification clothes in the human net room, and positive pressure should be insisted on the inlet side and other rooms, and a little positive pressure should be insisted on the toilet and shower, while the toilet and shower should be insisted on negative pressure.

Three, material purification road

All kinds of objects in the purification area before it is necessary to undergo purification treatment, referred to as "net".

Material purification road and human purification road should be separated, if the material and personnel can only enter the purification workshop in the same place, it is also necessary to enter separately, and the material and first through rough purification disposal.

When the production line is not strong, a central warehouse can be set up in the center of the material road.

If the production line is strong, straight-through material road is selected, and sometimes purification and transfer equipment are set up in the center of the straight-through road.

In the system planning, during the coarse purification and fine purification of the room, many raw particles will be blown off, so the relative purification area should adhere to negative pressure or zero pressure, and if the pollution risk is large, the direction of the entrance should also adhere to negative pressure.

Iv. Pipeline organization

The pipeline of the purification workshop is very complex, so the shade organization method is used for these pipelines. Detailed shading organization methods are as follows.

1. Skill interlayer

(1) Top skill sandwich. In this kind of interlayer, the cross section of the air supply and return pipe is usually the largest, so it is the first target to think about in the interlayer. It is usually organized at the top of the interlayer, and the electrical pipeline is organized below it. When the bottom plate of the sandwich can accept a certain amount of weight, the filter and exhaust equipment can be set on it.

(2) Interlayer of room skills. Compared with the top interlayer, this method can reduce the wiring and height of the interlayer, and can save the skill sandwiching required by the return air pipeline back to the interlayer. I can also set up a return air machine power equipment power distribution, etc., a layer of purification workshop on the lining can concurrently do the next layer of the lining.

1. Skill alley (Wall)

Horizontal pipelines in upper and lower interlayers are usually turned to vertical pipelines, and the shaded space of the vertical pipeline location is called the skill tunnel. Skills can also place some auxiliary equipment that is not suitable in the purification workshop, and even can be used as the usual return air pipe or static pressure box, and some can be installed with light tube radiator.

This kind of skill lane (wall) because most of the light interval, so when the skill adjustment, can be easily adjusted.

4. Skill silos

If say skill lane (wall) do not exceed layer normally, use skill shaft when demand exceeds layer, and often serve as build a structure some, have permanent.

Because the skill shaft links up the layers, in order to prevent fire, after the completion of the internal pipeline device, to close the data between the layers with fire resistance limit is not lower than the floor, the maintenance operation is carried out in layers, the maintenance door is necessary to set a fire door.

No matter skill interlayer, skill channel is still skill shaft, when directly and style road, its inner surface is necessary to deal with the needs of the inner surface of the purification workshop.

Five, the direction of the machine room

The air conditioning room is best close to the purification workshop with large air supply volume, and strive for the shortest line of air duct. But in order to avoid noise and oscillation, it is necessary to separate the purification workshop from the machine room. Think about both. Isolation methods include:

1. Structural separation method. There are the following:

(1) settlement joint isolation type. Make the settlement joint between the purification workshop and the machine room through, the cutting effect.

(2) sandwich wall separation type. If machine room depends on purify workshop closely, not be common partition of one wall, have respective partition respectively however, and the aperture that has certain width between double-sided partition.

(3) Separation type of auxiliary chamber. In the purification workshop and machine room between the auxiliary room, the buffer effect.

2. Lax methods. Divided into the following categories:

(1) Roof or ceiling lax method: nowadays, the computer room is often located on the top of the roof, so that it is far away from the following purification workshop, but the next layer of the roof is set as the auxiliary or management room layer, perhaps as a skill sandwich.

(2) Underground lax type: the computer room is located in the basement.

3. Independent construction method. In addition to the purification workshop to build a separate machine room, but it is very close to the purification workshop. The machine room should pay attention to vibration isolation, sound insulation questions, the ground should be all waterproof treatment, and drainage methods.

Vibration isolation: the support and base of the fan, motor, water pump, etc. of the vibration source should be anti-vibration treatment, and even if it is necessary to install the equipment on the concrete plate, and then use anti-vibration data to support the plate, the component of the plate should be 2 ~ 3 times the total component of the equipment.

Sound insulation: get rid of the muffler device on the system, large machine room can think in the wall attached with certain sound absorption function of the data, to install sound insulation door, do not open the door on the partition and purification area.

Six, safe dispersion

Because the purification workshop is built with strong tightness, its safety dispersion becomes a very important and prominent question, and the purification air conditioning system setting is also closely related. In general, the following points should be noted:

1 each production layer fire zone or purification area at least 2 safety exits, as long as the area is less than 50 square meters, personnel less than 5 people, can allow to set only one safety exit.

2. Net human imports should not be dispersed as exports. Since the road is usually roundabout, it is difficult for people to run outside quickly once the fireworks are confused.

3. The shower room can not be used as the usual income and expenditure channel, because this door is often two interlocks or active, once there is a fault, it is very dispersed, so usually in the shower room bypass door, more than 5 people it is necessary to set the door. Ordinary operators out of the purification workshop should not go through the shower room and should go through the bypass door.

4. Considering the need to maintain indoor pressure, the doors of the purification workshops in the purification area should be opened in the direction of the room with high pressure. Because the door needs to be pressed by pressure, this is obviously contrary to the needs of safe dispersion. In order to think about the two aspects of normal purification and urgent dispersion needs, rules between the purification area and non-purification area of the door, purification area and outdoor door as a safety disperse door treatment, its open direction is in the direction of dispersion, of course, the single set of safety door is the same.

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