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On the purification workshop decoration process

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On the purification workshop decoration process

(1) Purification workshop decoration preparation stage.

Purification workshop decoration construction preparation stage (that is, the main structure of the building is completed, purification workshop project is about to start) need to do the following: in the outdoor reasonable planning area, set up prefabrication area, material stacking area, temporary storage area, in order to facilitate the late construction orderly; Conduct training and education for indoor workers, and conduct assessment before operation to ensure that every worker can realize the importance of purification operation and strictly implement purification management in operation; Set up the path in and out of the purification workshop, set up the changing area, shoe changing area, reduce the pollution into.

On the purification workshop decoration process

Indoor floor, wall, ceiling construction, indoor water and electricity pipes, ventilation pipes, industrial pipeline erection and large equipment installation, the main control measures include: operators should wear purification, no mud and other obvious pollutants; Strengthen the local control of cutting, welding and other processes to reduce dust and other pollution; Materials and tools used for clean room operations must be in and out of designated places and strictly inspected to prevent contaminants from entering and leaving.

Phase two.

Purification workshop construction mainly includes ceiling installation, air conditioning, Epoxy coating and other processes. This stage is the purification stage. In the strict implementation of stage control measures at the same time, the following points should also be done: first, dust operation is prohibited: items carried into the clean workshop must be strictly purified; Items carried out in plastic bags; Use clean space special vacuum cleaner for daily indoor purification.

Phase three.

This stage is also called the purification stage, and the main work is correct.

The installation and commissioning of relevant equipment should be controlled as follows: Operators must wear special dust-free clothes and dust-free hats for temporary clean rooms. Go indoors; The materials used are sent to the clean room after repeated cleaning and wiping; Avoid using dusty materials such as pencils, and use dust-free paper and pens when writing records. Clean and wipe the room with a special vacuum cleaner and pure water.

Phase four.

The purification control measures in stage 4 are basically the same as in Stage 3. Need to add a condition: clean room must use special safety belt, helmet, gloves, masks, etc. This phase belongs to the Ultra purification phase, and the plant purification control must be repeatedly emphasized and strengthened.

Rational application of PDCA management cycle.

PDCA management cycle mode is adopted to establish the cleanliness control and management working circle of clean workshop, and a management committee group is set up, with management personnel as the leader and deputy leader. According to the characteristics of clean workshop construction and installation, a distinctive management cycle mode is formed, that is, a perfect planning of system establishment -- six steps of implementation of one assessment and one defect improvement, combined with 6S management (i.e., finishing, finishing, purification, purification, cultivation and safety) to strengthen the cleanliness control of the workshop. Adopt this kind of circulation way, do pollution work well.

The source management control can better implement the comprehensive quality management of the cleanliness of the clean workshop.

Conclusion: During the construction and installation of clean workshop, taking effective measures to strengthen the control and management of cleanliness is a necessary condition to meet the predetermined cleanliness requirements of the site, ensure the construction quality of clean site, and promote the smooth verification and use of the site. As the construction personnel and management personnel of the clean site, we must improve the attention to the site purification, strictly follow the clean principle in the operation, clean control from many aspects, and build a clean site in line with the cleanliness requirements.

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