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Why do clean workshops install central air conditioning units

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Why do clean workshops install central air conditioning units?

1. Large displacement.

Clean workshop is based on the air volume circulation system to consider the dust and bacteria in the gas, maintain the control of non-microbial and microbial in the gas, more than the clean standard. Therefore, in order to ensure the cleanliness of the room, there must be enough exhaust. The exhaust air volume of the purification workshop is generally calculated according to the ventilation volume in the room, which is usually 10 times or even dozens of times, especially in the unilateral flow clean workshop, where the ventilation volume exceeds several hundred times of the room volume.

Why do clean workshops install central air conditioning units

2. Centrifugal fan has high tension.

Clean workshop in fewer choices in the early, middle and high level 3 filter device, the frictional resistance of three filters totaled about 700 ~ 800 mpa, clean room generally choose to focus on transportation, transportation methods, ensure clean room is the regulation of air pressure adjustment, so clean workshop requirements of pipe friction resistance in about one times more than the average of the central air conditioning. In order to get rid of this friction resistance, the fan of the air processing unit needs enough tension. Therefore, the ventilation unit of the air processing unit of the purification room generally chooses the centrifugal fan with bent airfoil, or the centrifugal fan without a shell, which can be transported to the air pressure head at a high enough height.

Under the condition of large air volume and large tension, the ventilation rate of the grinding and polishing generator set and the ventilation ratio of the air treatment unit in the purification workshop are lower, the more electricity is saved for customers and the lower the operation cost.

3. The temperature and humidity are linearly high.

Unlike ordinary comfortable air conditioning, which takes into account the comfort of the staff, the precision of temperature and humidity control in clean workshops is to achieve the processing requirements. In the production and manufacturing of some electronic equipment, the requirements of temperature and humidity control are very strict. In order to maintain constant temperature and humidity equipment, air treatment unit needs at least refrigeration, heating, humidification, dehumidification and other functions, the need for high-precision operation of the heat exchanger to choose efficient hydrophilic plate wing type, water supply to choose occupancy control, humidifier volume to choose occupancy or PID regulation method

4. Strictly control positive air pressure.

Electronic equipment industry site, isolation ward, agricultural pharmaceutical factory, laboratory animal room, etc. In order to avoid the spread of smoke and bacteria to other clean areas, or to avoid infection caused by the spread of virus infection and bacteria, the positive air pressure control in clean workshops is very important, and the correct and reasonable control of positive air pressure is very important. In the application of specific engineering projects, the positive pressure is generally maintained in the industrial production purification site, but the air pressure is controlled in the microbial purification site required by the application of harmful substances, hazardous substances or flammable and explosive organic solvents. In order to correctly control the differential pressure value, the air treatment unit in the purification site stipulates low ventilation rate and high linearity.

5. Some filter devices.

The key of clean workshop design is to control environmental pollution and ensure the standard rate of goods. In order to consider the technical provisions of industrial production purification workshop regulations, strict control of dust, even more than cleaning, will rely on a set of air purification system software. Cleaning technology for microbial species, dust, etc., the operation level is important to the characteristics of the filtration device. Purification site should generally consider at least three levels. The air handling unit is equipped with primary and intermediate filters, and the exhaust end is equipped with an efficient air outlet. Air filters must be of good quality. Once a leak occurs, it is difficult to override the possibility of cleaning. Attention should be paid not only to leakage, but also to the sealing of the air conditioning unit filter device.

6. Reliability.

Ratio of industrialization, the development trend of industrial products with the characteristics of light weight, high use value, if abnormal, clean up the air conditioning will damage caused thousands of people, thus provides refrigeration units have very reliability and reliability, excluding provisions air handling unit of choose and buy of components of selected high quality goods and measured using filter unit, The testing and maintenance of air processing units and all air supply system software must be strictly formulated by professional and technical personnel to carry out maintenance and maintenance.

7. Consider the requirements of the processing process.

For example, some goods must be applied to organic chemical Chinese medicine preparation, so the generator set requires corrosion resistance, some must be applied to combustible steam, which requires air processing unit explosion-proof, antistatic, some processing technology for vibration requirements are very high, so the air processing unit to have better shock protection measures.

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