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Clean room four technical elements

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From the construction, use and maintenance of clean room, there are four technical elements of clean room:

Clean room four technical elements

A, clean room purification air conditioning system should at least coarse effect, medium effect and high efficiency filter three filtration measures. In particular, there should be a high efficiency filter (HEPA) or ultra high efficiency filter (ULPA) at the terminal.

B. The air supply in the clean room should have sufficient air conditioning (to eliminate indoor residual heat and humidity) and purification (to maintain cleanliness). The air supply volume can not only eliminate the residual heat and humidity indoors, ensure the indoor temperature and relative humidity, but also eliminate or dilute the indoor particle pollution, to ensure the cleanliness of the indoor requirements.

C, the clean room must establish and maintain the necessary relative pressure difference (positive or negative pressure).

D. The clean room should have a reasonable air flow pattern to ensure the cleanliness, temperature, humidity and other parameters of the room.

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