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Clean room pollution source and control

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Clean room pollution source and control

1. The pollution sources of clean rooms are:

A, people are the biggest pollution source of clean room

Regulate the attire of the personnel entering the clean room and the behavior of the personnel in the clean room to control the dust production of personnel.

B. Pollution of the surrounding environment

Strengthen the sealing and plugging of the maintenance structure and maintain the positive pressure of the clean room.

C. Entry of air not filtered by HEPA

The air into the clean room should go through three levels of filtration, the terminal is HEPA filtration, the installation of the filter to seal, leak detection, leak plugging. Maintain positive pressure in clean room.

D. Dust production from envelope structure and other surfaces

The surface, top, wall, floor and other surfaces of the enclosure should be regularly wiped, disinfected and cleaned.

E. Dust production of process equipment and process

The dust produced by the process should be treated locally to avoid contamination spreading to the whole room. Strengthen local enclosure and local exhaust, etc.

F. Raw materials, containers, water, gas, solvent and dust from outer packaging

The outer packing should not be removed in the clean room. Containers should be disinfected and cleaned, and raw materials should be traced back to the production, supply and packaging of raw materials. Control the purification of raw materials, water, gas and solvents to control their pollution.

G. There are a large number of microorganisms in nature and in people's living environment. For example; There are 104 to 1010 microbes per gram of soil, 101 to 104 microbes per gram of water, 104 to 106 microbes per gram of air, 101 to 104 microbes per square centimeter of skin, 104 to 107 microbes per square centimeter of floor, And microorganism is also a kind of cold resistance, heat resistance, radiation resistance, ultraviolet radiation resistance, drug resistance of strong pollutants.

Pyrogens are metabolites of microorganisms and are difficult to remove. Pyrogens have strong penetration and can penetrate the filter material of the filter; Pyrogens can withstand high temperature of 150 degrees, and it is difficult to kill pyrogens by sterilization. After injection into the human body without depyrogen, people will have a high fever, metabolic disorder, and endanger human life.

2, people are the biggest pollution source of clean room

A. Here are some data to illustrate the dust and bacteria production of personnel

① The human body shed about 6-13 g/d of epidermal cells every day. There are more men than women, and more young than old. Statistics of epidermal cells shed per person per year up to 3.5~3.7 kg/ person? Years.

② The amount of microbe per unit area (cm2) of human outer epidermis was about 1 000 /cm2.

③ Aerosol particles produced by human sneezes contain up to 1 million microbial particles.

④ The particles produced by human makeup are as high as 5100×106 at a time, including 1100×106 in lipstick; White powder 270×106; Red powder 600×106; Fundus 82×10

⑤ Human emission of ≥0.5 μm particles per minute up to 105~107? People, up to a billion a day? People -- people's dust production varies with their movements and clothe

B. The relationship between different movements of indoor personnel and dust generation

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