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Classification of clean rooms

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Clean room classification is generally divided by air flow pattern, and can also be divided by use and main control objects.

Classification of clean rooms

1. Clean rooms are classified according to air flow pattern

Clean rooms can be classified into unidirectional flow clean room, non-unidirectional flow clean room, mixed flow clean room and vector flow clean room according to the flow pattern.

2, clean room according to the use and main control object classification

Clean rooms can be divided into industrial clean rooms, biological clean rooms and biological safety laboratories according to the use and main control objects.

3. Biosafety laboratory

Biosafety laboratory is a special environmental condition to study microorganisms, bacteria and viruses that are harmful to human, animal and environment. Therefore, the biosafety laboratory must be absolutely safe, not only to protect the experimental research object, so that the experiment can get true and reliable experimental data and results, but more importantly, to protect the experimental operators and the surrounding environment, so that the experimental personnel and the surrounding environment can be reliable security guarantee. According to world Health Organization (WHO) standards, the risk level of infected microorganisms can be divided into 4 different levels according to their risk level. And biosafety laboratories with different risk levels should also have corresponding biosafety levels.

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