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Installation of color steel plate in clean room structural engineering

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The wiring work before the installation of color steel plate should be carried out after the completion of the ground (floor) surface, and can only be carried out when other relevant conditions of installation are met, such as the larger equipment has been transported to the position, the underground pipeline has been adjusted and the main installation work of the technical interlayer has been basically completed. Laying out is to delimit the color steel plate horizontal projection (plate thickness) and the door, window position on the ground. The center line of the upper and lower manger should be on the same vertical plane, and the error should be within 1.0‰.

Installation of color steel plate in clean room structural engineering

Install the upper and lower manger. The lower manger is generally made of aluminum alloy profiles with double-sided R angles. The nail is fixed on the line drawn on the ground, the nail's position is 1.2-1.5m distance from the straight line, the Angle and the terminal is 0.2m from the edge. The two rubber bars (ф 2-3) are put into the groove before the nail is fired, and the waterproof isolation is formed after the nail is fixed.

Panel assembly: Prefabricated components are mounted according to the layout drawing, and adjacent panels are locked with fixed inserts between the components. Special attention should be paid to the combination of the wall panels and the electrical pipeline and boxes. The panels should be vertical with even vertical joints.

Clean the sundries in the tank and the adhesive liquid solidified hard blocks. Otherwise, it is difficult to adjust the vertical seam evenly and compacting with great force again.

Installation of ceiling panels: the weight of the roof is supported by vertical panels fixed around the perimeter and suspended dark beams or t-shaped aluminum in the middle. The long side seam is fixed and strengthened by fixing plug-in, and the short side is fixed by T-shaped aluminum and blind rivets with break mandrel.

The hanging flat top is smooth, and the seam of the board is dense and uniform, smooth, no trace and no damage. Operating attention with the vertical panel.

Installation of doors and Windows: first in the door and window hole into the stainless steel door and window frame fixed firmly, install the door to pay attention to the opening direction, install the window glass. The door closer should be adjusted to open the speed and force, generally in the first half of the closing speed is fast, the second half torque is small, the speed is slow, in order to reduce the impact of the door and noise.

Sealant: In the clean area, all the following gaps that may affect cleanliness should be coated with sealed neutral silica gel:

The seam between the color steel plate, R Angle and the wall, all the cracks of the roof; Air conditioning duct, tuyere, high efficiency filter and wall roof gap; The electrical passes through the gap between the protective tube slot in the top of the panel and the edge of the hole; The gap between all switch socket lamps and the color steel plate top panel; All process, water supply and drainage, protection pipe and hole clearance; A gap between glass and frame; Sealant should be installed in the color plate is basically ready, the sanitary conditions are good, after thorough cleaning and dust removal, unified. Otherwise, the silicone seam is easy to be polluted and blackened. Within 24 hours after the neutral silica gel is played, there should be no large amount of dust operation and water washing the ground and other operations that may affect the curing and fastness of the sealant.

The plastic protective film on both sides of the color steel plate is only allowed to be peeled off after the installation is complete and thoroughly cleaned.

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